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Creating High Performance Teams

“Make your team’s VISION become a REALITY.”

From time to time, most of us have recognized and experienced the way we feel when we are empowered and working together to accomplish something worthwhile. We also recognize that this quality of purposeful work and vision can easily be lost or forgotten. In spite of our good intentions; we drift back into our historical assessments of each other and participate in hallway conversations about how it's been in the past and all the reasons why we can't change or move forward.

Without a solid foundation of commitments, and practices that guide us in how we relate to one another (regardless of circumstances) we tend to forget the vision and get caught up in destructive patterns. Without this foundation, we also continue to operate as we have in the past, even when we recognize the need for change or see a larger possibility such as the one expressed in our vision.


In this course, we lay the foundation for your team to work together that that you can meet the needs of your customers and at the same time meet your personal goals for a satisfying work environment.

We have offered this course to all levels of the organization, including groups of Directors, Managers and Employees. We custom design the length of this course to suit your needs. We typically offer a one day course in creating powerful teams. Regardless of the length, you have an opportunity to ask yourself "Am I really committed to the vision and standards of this team? Am I willing to focus all of my work towards fulfilling this vision?" If so, we explore together how each one of us can personally make a difference in making the team's vision become reality.

Examples of Outcomes:

  • Explored our current level of functioning as a team
  • Made a commitment to learning from each other, our customers, and from the breakdowns we face as a team
  • Learned the behaviors that are necessary for a team to be high performing
  • Practiced the skills of listening, and giving each other feedback
  • Practiced turning complaints into requests
  • Explored what we need to stop doing, start doing, and continue doing as individuals and as a team
  • Agreed on how we will work together to support each other's success and that of the team
  • Applied the above learning in moving forward on some current issues we are dealing with as a team
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