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"Wickedly funny, no guff guidance…"

"Whenever I even think of Donalda I feel an inner smile spreading throughout my chest and arms. Working with Donalda is like having your favorite, very cool older sister whom you know loves you but doesn't take any guff walking with you toward your goals. She consistently sees what's possible and how to get there and just won't take any of your attempts to sidetrack your success seriously. She's wickedly funny and knows just about everything about the way organizations can thrive. If you work with her, soak it all up--her presence will stay with you."
Kathlyn Hendricks,Ph.D., BC-DMT
CEO and Director of Training
The Hendricks Institute
Co-Author of Conscious Loving and The Conscious Heart

"Gets involved in the business as if it were her own…"

"Donalda has helped the City of Airdrie build a strong foundation for our culture in the +13 years we have worked with her. She brings a deep sense of ownership and caring to the relationship she has built with us. She gets involved in the business as if it was her own. Over the years I have considered her a teacher, mentor and friend. I am a better person because of the influence she has hand on my life and work."
Judy Molnar
People & Organizational Effectiveness Director
City of Airdrie

"Eats, breathes and sleeps authenticity…"

"During the 10 years I worked with Donalda at the City of Airdrie, I watched Donalda help the organization transform itself into one of, if not, the best run municipality in Alberta and maybe, Canada. She brings the best and most relevant ideas to the organization. Donalda eats, breathes, and sleeps authenticity within her own life, and she simultaneously creates an environment that allows others to be authentic in her presence. I have never seen her sit on her laurels; she is committed to being a continuous learner, living her values, to coaching, training, teaching and creating her vision of transforming people and organizations."
Bert Assen
Former HR Director
City of Airdrie

"Asks the difficult questions…"

"Donalda has helped my groups improve on interaction skills, feedback processes, conflict resolution, silo effects and leadership. I am most impressed by the tough nature of her coaching and approach. When she sees a situation Donalda is willing to ask very difficult questions to help people improve. Staff have frequently commented on how focused and "right on" she is. She helps quickly get to the real issue and progress to learning. I will continue to use Donalda and her group for any team, office, leadership challenges. The difference and improvements are remarkable."
Laurence Lafond
Wellwork Operations Superintendent

"Original, thoughtful and effective…"

"As a consultant Donalda's insight into organization and planning is highly original, thoughtful and effective because it is solidly founded on her deep understanding of relationships. I admire how hard she has worked to achieve this mastery and her generosity in sharing her learning with others. There isn't a day of my professional life where I don't apply many things I've learned from her."
Bill Peters
President, Bill Peters Consulting
Former President & CEO, Telus World of Science, Calgary


"Calling Donalda a coach or facilitator really doesn't capture what Donalda does and is. She guides… she mentors… she teaches… She is a MASTER, no matter where she goes. Whether it is in a single interaction, at a meeting, or in a workshop, Donalda adds value. Our division within our organization has an engagement index of 96% largely due to the work Donalda has done with our leaders and people."
Barbara Daigle
Associate Vice-President (Human Resources)
The University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon

"She gets everyone to want to get on the bus together."

"Donalda has a way of understanding and respecting the corporate objectives and still enables everyone to come to their own conclusion that making an individual effort towards a common corporate goal is a good thing and a rewarding activity. She gets everyone to want to get on the bus together. Donalda does her best work when you let her inside your organization and share the good the bad and the ugly without reservation. She is very fluid and knows her direction so she can make running splices without losing the theme, objective, or result. I appreciate that very much, as it is a reality in business that we face speed bumps all the time and must still remain on course. I have enjoyed every interaction I ever had with Donalda. Give Donalda a call and find the partner you need to get to that next level."
Kim Trowbridge
Vice President, Western Division
MAC'S Convenience Stores

"Identifies the Elephant in the Room"

"I appreciated Donalda's ability to facilitate discussion that assisted our team in identifying the elephant in the room. "
Sharon Martens
MartensGroup, licensed interior design studio ltd.

"The difficult part in singing songs of praise about Donalda is not in finding enough positive things to say, but in limiting them to a readable number."

"When Donalda speaks she commands our attention, her voice holds our interest, we listen, we participate and we learn. Her laser beam eye contact makes it feel that she is talking directly to each individual while keeping the entire group engaged. The depth of knowledge she has is truly amazing making things come alive and giving them significance. With her coaching and guidance we have been building managerial competencies that will sustain our company well into the future.

"We have learned that change comes from within, and the importance of making and keeping commitments. Clearly we have benefited from her expertise and we appreciate her involvement in making our company a better one."
Paul Roberge
Director, Real Estate Western Canada
MAC'S Convenience Stores


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