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"Donalda is an authentic coach and leader. She uses a wide variety of tools to support personal and professional growth. She is able to draw people into crucial conversations which have impact on the person, the team, the organization and the work. Hands down, she is the best coach and mentor I know."
Pauline M. Melis
Assistant Provost, Institutional Planning and Assessment
University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon


"What I appreciate the most about Donalda's style is that the learning's become real; she has the courage to ask the difficult questions that really encourage honest self reflection. Personally, I have enriched both my professional and personal life from applying my learning. I am privileged to have Donalda Cormier as my coach and friend."
Paul Schulz
Chief Administrative Officer
City of Airdrie

"Made a remarkable difference…"

"As a consultant, coach and friend Donalda has made a remarkable difference in my life. Before knowing her I had only the vaguest sense of conscious relationship skills, the ability to sense the emotional impact of my actions and words on others and those of others on myself. Her training and good counsel gave me a relationship skill set that continues to grow and enhance the personal and professional dimensions of my life."
Bill Peters
President, Bill Peters Consulting
Former President & CEO, Telus World of Science, Calgary

"A trusted ally…"

"In the area of executive coaching Donalda takes the time not only to get inside the issue but also the person. She helps them play to their strengths and innate personality, and modifies approaches to obtain better and more lasting results. It is comforting to not feel one has to change their style completely when struggling with a moral or motivational issue, but rather learn to bump up the things that he/she already possesses that help achieve success and soften the traits that might be less helpful. She does this while all the time remaining a trusted ally... no easy task."
Kim Trowbridge
Vice President Western Division
MAC'S Convenience Stores

"Provides clarity to my leadership…"

"Donalda has the ability to help people see things in themselves they may not see, and that others may not be able to express. As a strong 'T' (MBTI – Thinking preference), I have learned from Donalda the importance of people's feelings. I have found that I have a better understanding of people and why they react the way they do. At the university, we have learned from Donalda that fear is at the root of most organizations' problems and this limits our ability to be innovative."
Barbara Daigle
Associate Vice-President (Human Resources)
The University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon


"One of Donalda’s essence qualities is that she has a special ability to listen and show empathy to her clients, encouraging them to fully articulate their thoughts. In working with Donalda, I learned the power of living with intention."
Sharon Martens
MartensGroup, licensed interior design studio ltd.

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