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Powerful Presentations

Powerful Presentations


Powerful Presentations uses a building block approach to presentation planning, culminating in a ten-minute presentation by each participant. At each step participants apply the information to their particular topic.  Throughout the workshop, participants practice presenting and have the opportunity for feedback not only from the workshop leader but also from their colleagues. Additionally each participant will be videotaped while presenting. This is extremely useful in identifying strengths and areas for development. Participants are strongly encouraged to use this time to work on an actual future presentation.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Presentation planning
  • Analyzing the audience
  • Defining the purpose
  • Preparing effective introductions
  • Principles of using visual aids
  • Keys to effective delivery
  • Control of nervousness
  • Handling question and answer sessions

Program Outline

We offer a two-day in-house workshop for corporate clients. We partner with clients to ensure we meet their particular business needs in terms of presentation planning.

The professionals most valued and sought after by organizations are those who can communicate their ideas and values to their colleagues and clients; who can instill enthusiasm for a good idea, influence others to support their projects, and persuade them to see alternate perspectives. Everyone has the power to influence the growth and direction of an organization by showing others how an idea or project can contribute to the organization's success. Powerful Presentations
Powerful Presentations Powerful Presentations focuses on developing the
skills required to present oral messages in a clear and proficient manner, leaving participants feeling confident and ready to tackle their next presentation. On completion of the workshop participants will be able to plan, prepare and deliver an effective oral presentation tailored for a specific audience and using appropriate visual aids.

Recent Client Feedback

"This was such an amazing experience. I really felt like leaving and not coming back when I found out I had to be video-taped, but forcing myself to do it was invaluable and the amount of growth one goes through in just days...! Wow! Thank you Donalda and Brandie, it was a great ride!!"

"Donalda was excellent in her presentation. She instilled confidence in each person and brought the best out of him or her. It was a privilege to attend one of her courses and would attend any of her courses in the future."

"Donalda and Brandie did a great job in creating an environment that allowed a person to perform and exceed expectations. Their energy and warmth are excellent."

"I have taken several courses here and this was by far the most informative and entertaining. The instructor was the most approachable, informative and enjoyable instructor of all."

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