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Win-Win Negotiating Skills

"The win-win philosophy is not just some
little technique, some nice little phrase. A win-win person has an abundance mentality, meaning that his or her paradigm of life is that there is plenty out there
for everybody to spare."

— Stephen R. Covey

In our lives, we often face situations in which our interests or goals are entwined with those of others. Differences between people are a given. These differences can lead to productive and rewarding outcomes, or be bitter and confrontational depending on the skills we bring to the situation. Negotiating is the key skill we need to produce outcomes which benefit both parties.

In this workshop we explore the nature of our differences and give you negotiating and communication skills you can apply immediately in your life.

We custom design the length of this course to suit your needs. We offer a ½ day, one day, or two day course in negotiating. Regardless of the length, you have an opportunity to practice and develop your skills in using specific strategies so that you get better outcomes for yourself and others.

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