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Donalda Cormier

"All of life is but a
mass of small choices — systematically organized for our greatness or grief.
Small choices bear us irresistibly toward our destiny; not only big dreams shape reality."
- William James

In my early career, I taught a course called "New Worlds for Women" at Medicine Hat College. That work marked a pivotal time in my life: I saw that when people made changes in their lives it often came with much pain and suffering. This observation led me to begin a Master's Degree in Adult Education where I studied people making large scale changes in their lives. I wanted to know why some people were successful and others were not.

During the following years of my career I studied the work of Jim Selman, Fernando Flores, and Humberto Maturana. I started to learn that as human beings we are biological, linguistic and we have histories. These distinctions were incredibly powerful because all three of them come together in helping individuals and organizations make large scale change. But, I still had not answered my original question that began when I taught at Medicine Hat College: Can change for people/organizations be kind and loving (instead of fraught with pain and suffering)?

I began to study with Gay and Kathyln Hendricks. I learned important commitments (linguistics) that facilitate kind and loving change, accompanied by the practices of:

  • feeling our feelings (biological and historical)
  • telling the truth (historical)
  • Keeping agreements (linguistic)
  • 100% responsibility (biological, historical and linguistic)

This brought everything together for me. There have been so many "ah-ha" moments for me since then. I have been able to transform so much of my life: myself, marriage, relationships with family, how I responded to having cancer… and I feel so truly blessed to be here on this earth… learning (which is what I love best to do).

Donalda Cormier

Since we spend so much time at work, and our organizations need to be successful and get bottom-line results, I want to help people create that vision of success: integrate individual and organizational needs to produce organizational results (it's a WIN-WIN). I like to work with clients seeking to create high performing, engaged workplaces. I bring courage, enthusiasm, creativity, and expertise in many subject areas to my work with all the organizations I partner with.

I believe that everything happens in relationships and use this belief in my coaching practice. I teach you to take healthy responsibility for your life and well-being through the everyday events in your life. It is a pleasure to do the work that I do and share my learning with people and the organizations they work in.


  • Master's Degree in Adult Education, from the University of Calgary.
  • I use my training from the Hendricks Institute (Body Centred Transformation and 2 year Apprentice Program) as the basis of my coaching and in many of my training workshops in organizations (
  • As a Certified Life Skills Coach, I use my skills to help people have clarity around their personal and professional mission and goals.
  • I am trained and Certified with WorkStyle Patterns® Inventories and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and use both in coaching sessions and organizational training.
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