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"Personal mastery means approaching
one's life as a creative work, living life from a
creative as opposed to reactive viewpoint."
— Peter Senge

Both Donalda and Brandie are available for individual coaching sessions. When one of us meets with you, we use the everyday challenges you face to facilitate your learning. Our goal in coaching you is to build your competence, your commitment, and inspire you to reach higher and achieve your goals.

We believe that people are naturally creative, resourceful and strive for excellence. Our job is to clarify, find the 'hidden' parts of yourself, offer strategies, tools, and information to put you on the path to extraordinary.

We are inspired by Drs. Gay and Kathyln Hendricks, and apply much of their teaching to the world of work. To learn more about our individual styles of coaching, go to the "about us" links.

We ask you to be open to learn and bring your whole self to coaching sessions. You will find that your ability to do this will rapidly increase your learning. Our commitment in coaching you is to facilitate change for you that is kind and loving.

You may benefit from coaching if…

  • You are committed to being an outstanding, visionary leader.

  • You want clarity around your work and personal vision, and want to plan the steps to get there.

  • You (and your team or business) have a great big goal, but somehow you never quite get there.

  • You need to rekindle your enthusiasm for work (and avoid burnout).

  • You need help to hold yourself accountable for your goals and actions.

  • You feel stressed out, overwhelmed with work and life and want to take charge instead of feeling like life is happening to you.

  • You want your business to function at its highest level.

  • You and your organization are faced with huge changes and you need help navigating them.

  • You don't know how you feel anymore; you're just going through the motions at work, and you want more.

  • You want to find better ways to manage work relationships.

  • You are not clear where you are going with your career, and want to make a plan.
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