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In life, most of us don't get enough practice for the really important roles we are called upon to play – friend, parent, partner, mentor or coach. Our careers are no different. We may fall into a career; we may train in one field and end up doing something different; we may not be using our true gifts and skills at work; or may be doing one job to discover we missed a real area of opportunity.

In our career development courses, we help people understand and articulate their unique identity. We help people understand the relationship between reputation and performance, and how that influences career. We work with the organization to relate strategic business initiatives to the competencies employees will require in the future. We help people understand the norms, the culture and pressing organizational issues, and help interpret change. We also assist individuals in identifying realistic career goals from a variety of potentially desirable options.

Cormier Consulting Group Inc. offers three kinds of career development courses:

  1. Career Development designed specifically for Employees

  2. Career Development designed specifically for Leaders

  3. Career Development designed specifically for Practitioners so they can guide others in their careers

Our goal is the same in all our career development work: to help your people develop their talents on the job and fully explore their career options.

Some of the benefits of offering career development within your organization include:

  • improved morale for employees

  • a stronger tie between individual aspirations and organizational needs

  • as team members or leaders, you have a greater sense of the talents your people bring to the work place

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